Caminandes Ep. 2: “Gran Dillama” Released!

Caminandes 2 PosterThe eternal arms race between nature and man’s contrivances has entered its next round and this time, man has electricity on his side. When Koro, a rather hapless llama living in the Patagonian andes, comes across an evil-looking fence that stands between him and the snack of his dreams, the proverbial gloves quickly come off…

After close to half a million people watched the first episode of Pablo Vazquez‘ series of cartoon shorts Caminandes back in 2012, the second episode was released in late 2013 and made quite a splash online; among other recognitions, it was featured as a Staff Pick on Vimeo, and got showcased on the frontpage.

Just like with the first episode, I wrote the music and was responsible for the audio post production of Caminandes: Gran Dillama. You can watch the short online, and buy both films along with bonus material and all 3D assets for the second episode in the Blender e-shop.